Why don’t you give me the time of my surgery the same day you book the surgery?

Since we book appointments so far in advance, we want to confirm the time with the physician and the facility before giving you an exact time. The Initial History Assessment Nurse will give you the instructions regarding your surgery one to three days before your surgery.

Why does a nurse call me before surgery to go over my medical history and medications AGAIN when I already told someone?

The person calling you is the Initial History Assessment Nurse (704-295-3017) that works for the Anesthesiologist and not CEENTA, so they need it for their records.

How much will my surgery be?

A representative will contact you prior to your procedure to give you an estimate of cost. If you do not hear from them, it is because we don’t expect for you to have a patient portion. We highly encourage you to contact your insurance provider to determine your benefits for outpatient surgery.

When is my money due?

Approximately three days prior to surgery all co-pays, coinsurance and any deductible are due and can be paid at 704-295-3015.
Given the way the current insurance plans are set up, please expect a portion of the surgery cost to be due prior to surgery and to be collected on the day of surgery at the time of check in.

Why do I get so many bills?

There are multiple healthcare providers and systems delivering your care, and you will get a bill from each of them. These are listed below and their contact information is provided for your convenience.

What is myCEENTAchart?

myCEENTAchart is CEENTA’s patient portal. Through the portal you can manage your appointments, access your medical records (including test results), communicate with your provider, pay your bills online, and more. To sign up, visit www.myceentachart.com. For questions regarding myCEENTAchart, please contact our support line at 704.295.3526 from 8am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.